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The Website was made with LOVE. . . GOD'S Love for YOU!

We are a Christian, Pro-Life, and Patriotic Website

We embrace and welcome all of God's children!


"Live today as if it were your last, for tomorrow it will be your past,

but live it with peace in mind, joy to find, and for God divine!"




Messianic Psalms  by Jan Stefher - NEW - 6/9/2016

Open My Eyes Newsletter  - December 2016

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My First Christmas in Heaven -  by Unknown - 12/3/2016

Follow That Star  by Karen Bunker - 12/2/2016

Who Do They Think He Was  by Conway Twitty - 11/19/2016

Someone I Love  by Stephen Meara-Blount - 11/17/2016

Come See About Me  by Randy Travis & Conway Twitty - 11/17/2016

If I'd Known  by Marlys - 11/15/2016

Just For Kids  by Steve A. Politte - 11/12/2016

My Other Self  by Steve A. Politte - 11/12/2016

A Place Within My Heart  by Steve A. Politte - 11/3/2016

The Promise in the Sky  by David A. Politte - 10/29/2016

Eternity  by Steve A. Politte - 10/28/2016

Autumn Leaves  by Jim Hendricks - 10/19/16

Autumn's Majestic Beauty  by Steve A. Politte - 10/17/2016

Autumn Déjà vu  by Karen Bunker - 10/8/2016 

Autumn Quotes and Sayings  by Steve A. Politte - 9/27/2016

Birth of Another Autumn Season  by Steve A. Politte - 9/25/2016

Autumn Is Near  by Chee Chee Martin - 9/23/2016

There Was A Time  by unknown - 9/23/2016

As This Autumn Season Comes  by Steve A. Politte - 9/22/2016

Autumn Rain  by Chee Chee Martin - 9/20/2016

A Storm Is Coming  by Judith Johnson Kypta - 9/18/2016

Autumn  by Carolyn R. Sawin - 9/16/2016

Letter From Heaven  by Eva Dimel - 9/14/2016

A Day With God  by Eva Dimel - 9/13/20`6

From Dawn To Dusk  by Steve A. Politte - 9/12/2016

A New Day  by Kay Brewer - 9/3/2016

My Lord! My Lord!  by Jan Stefher - 8/30/2016

Me And My Little Sister/Tell It To All  by Christi Merck & Jennefer Williamson - 8/30/2016

His Eye Is On The Sparrow  by Ronnie Cottingham - 8/30/2016

Words Spoken So Softly  by Chee Chee Martin & Steve Politte - 8/30/2016

In The Presence of Jehovah  by Ronnie Cottingham - 8/30/2016

Dance To The Music  by Brenda Clark Pike - 8/23/2016

My Counselor  by Jan Stefher - 8/23/2016

What Is Life?  by Judith Johnson Kypta - 8/22/2016

Amazing Grace  by Ronnie Cottingham - 8/20/2016

Fold Your Hands Together  by Norman Hale Jr. - 8/20/2016

Behind Every Answer  by Eva Dimel - 8/17/2016

How Great Thou Art  by Ronnie Cottingham - 8/16/2016

God Given Need  by Kay Brewer - 8/16/2016

Value What You Have  by Unknown Author - 8/15/2016

My Precious Child  by Unknown Author - 8/15/2016

God Knows/He's Gone  by Ronnie Cottingham - 8/13/2016

A Whispered Message  by Chee Chee Martin - 8/13/2016

Believe! Believe in ME!  by Linda Laybolt - 8/12/2016

Changing Ways and Days  by Bob Gotti - 8/10/2016

God's Love Is . . . !  by Steve A. Politte - 8/9/2016

Yesterday's Memories  by Steve A. Politte - 8/6/2016

A Helping Hand  by Rufus Curtis - 8/6/2016

Now That We're Old  by Steve A. Politte - 8/1/2016

If Tomorrow Starts Without Me  by David M. Ramano - 8/1/2016

Looking  by Jan Stefher - 8/1/2016

A Sinner Saved  by Chee Chee Martin - 8/1/2016



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