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9 December 2016 - fdsaf

Steve A; Politte
Jeff, yes the video is available for this year as well; The video is entitled "Train Ride" and you will find it near the bottom of our home page (this page) under Most Popular Videos; I hope you come back to get this message as I am not getting them in my email account; Thank you for your support;
8 December 2016 - Old Mines, Missouri

Jeff Smith
Thank you for this wonderful site! Sharing God's word; I learned of this site from a friend at last Sunday's worship; He told me about a beautiful video that is about a train and was produced during the holidays; Does anyone know if such a video is available to share this year? Thanks and God's blessings to all; Jeff
7 December 2016 - Florida

Good stuff, thank you!
10 November 2016

Eva Dimel
Steve, Thank you for Gods Hope that you share on this wonderful website that is full of Gods Love in so many ways; God Bless You and All You Do For Gods Glory and To Bless So Many!
6 November 2016 - Ohio

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