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Eva Dimel
What an Awesome message about touching like Jesus!!! I was so Blessed by it that it brought tears to my eyes; So many are hurting and broken and they need that Loving touch from us; I Pray I touch everyone that I can with Gods Love and the Love I have in my heart for everyone; The poem was so Beautiful and said it all; I am so Grateful that I can come here and be Blessed every time that I do; Thank You For Touching Me Today With Jesus' Love through your message I am so Blessed; God Bless You And All That You Do For His Glory You Are Touching So Many Including Me;
4 September 2016 - Ohio

Machalena Sephton
Beautiful messages God Bless us all;
3 August 2016 - Australia

Diana B;
I am inspired, refreshed and encouraged!
1 August 2016 - NY

Steve A; Politte
I do not own nor have the copyright to the content in What Will Matter; However, go to my Facebook page (Steve Politte) and send me a message and I will reply with you can contact to get the permission; Or else email me, that would be better; I do not always get these messages, so don't reply here at the guestbook, just email me; Thanks;
23 July 2016 - Old Mines, Missouri

Stephanie Wolfe
May I please reproduce the words of What Will Matter onto a poster to put up in our church as long as I acknowledge your authorship and the fact you own the copyright?
23 July 2016 - Anglican Church Sheldwich Kent UK

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