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~ 2013:  From The Heart of Darkness ~


2013: From The Heart Of Darkness

"[Christ] entered once for all into the sanctuary, not with the blood of goats and calves but with his own blood, thus obtaining eternal redemption." Hebrews 9:12

From the beginning to the end and every step along the way, the work of atonement is the work of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Even as he penetrates to the heart of darkness, Jesus is not abandoned by the light. He was always on a mission, from the Father to the Father. And his penetrating to the heart of darkness means the nobody, absolutely nobody, is alone in the heart of darkness. Christ has been there; Christ is there. From the cross point of history the word goes out to those who think they are abandoned by God are in fact not abandoned. We can despair of God, but he never despairs of us. We can turn our back upon God, but he never turns his back upon us. Never! There is absolutely nobody seated on the long mourners' bench of the eternal pity who is in a place where Jesus has not been before, where he is not now. This is what it means to find ourselves at the foot of the cross, which is the alternative to the muzzle of the gun and every other act of despair.

Fr. Richard John Neuhaus
"Death On A Friday Afternoon"

I have said many times before in my writings that we human beings, cannot comprehend the mind nor the love and forgiveness of God. Jesus offers us the greatest insurance policy that there could be, an insurance that requires not even a co-pay, the complete assurance that he is the only light by which to see and live this journey of life. But he will not force his way into our hearts.

I donít know what other ministers, pastors, preachers, or evangelists or any one who has a message about this coming new year, are writing about these days. Will this be our last year to enjoy religious freedom as we have known it in the past? With our present leaders, from both parties, abandon us, as so many seem to have done for love of power, greed, and money? Will this present administration continue to abandon and even persecute those of us who are Christian, Jewish, or otherwise, for those who are not of God at all? I donít know for sure, but it seems that way. Either I am dreaming or it is true that this President is spending our country out of existence, making laws by executive order, and without the knowledge of Congress, using our tax money to fund the killing of innocent unborn children, God's children, disregarding the moral fiber and mould that has made this country great for so many years, to fit his personal agenda.

Can we honestly say that the world's way is a better alternative? I challenge all of us to cling to the Way, the Truth, and the Light of Jesus. When our bodies hurt or is beginning to fall apart, we'll spend as much money as possible to be healed, thousands upon thousands of dollars, and yet, there is still no guarantee that we will find the cure. Jesus is the healer of a lost, confused, or hurting heart, and ask for no money in return. We have nothing to loose and everything to gain, and if we find that we do not reap better results, then we are always free to walk away. He will not force us to accept him. But to follow our Lord Jesus is by no means an easy task, and as his disciples and servants, this coming new year will be a very great challenge for us. We need to be prepared for what the evil claws of the world will come at us with. We need to do more than just know about Jesus, more than to just read scriptures, more than to just affirm our Christianity.

My friends, we need to internalize Jesus. No longer approach him as if he were far away, or someplace else, or just in a building, or just a message in an email. We have to merge our free will to that of his. We have to merge our brokenness, yes, our sinfulness, our gifts, our talents, our whole being Ė to His. When we internalize Jesus, then we become continually aware that he resides inside of us; that he is present to us in every situation; in our struggles, in our suffering and pain, in our loneliness, our weakness moments, and most especially in those times that could come that we be persecuted for his namesake. Yes, Jesus died once and for all for all humanity when he obediently allow his body to be tortured and his blood to flow from that cross.

For this coming year we may be required to meet him with crosses on our backs, will blood dripping from our brows (and not necessarily literally) but more so in standing up for what is right and moral, and not to back down from those who will want to oppress us in our thoughts, words, and deeds. Perhaps this will be a year, more so than any other, for choices. We may have to choose once and for all time, who our Master is, for we can only serve one. And we donít do that alone. With hearts joined together as his body and blood, are one people, as one flock, and through daily constant prayer Ė making that choice will be for our best outcome. Join with me for what lies ahead, and let us approach this New Year with courageous faith, that our good will conquer any evil that may be waiting as we go our journey of life together. Yours in Christ!

Deacon Steve
© January 5th, 2013



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