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The Website was made with LOVE. . . GOD'S Love for YOU!

We are a Christian, Pro-Life, and Patriotic Website

We embrace and welcome all of God's children!



"Jesus, light the fire of your love in my life!  Burn away all the dross in my heart,

so that I can love You with a pure love and love others with Your own live aflame in me"


"In Christ, all the fullness of the Deity lives in bodily form, and you have been given fullness in Christ, who is the head over every power and authority."
Colossians 2:9-10


Lord, Will You Teach Us To Pray? - homily/sermon for 7/24/2016

Messianic Psalms  by Jan Stefher - NEW - 6/9/2016

Open My Eyes Newsletter  - July, 2016

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'Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus  by Alan Jackson - 7/23/2016

My Heart  by Eva Dimel - 7/21/2016

Desiderata  by Jan Stefher (narrated by Les Crane) - 7/20/2016

~ Life ~  by Steve A. Politte - 7/18/2016

The Paintings of Arsen Kurbanov  by Arsen Kurbanov - 7/10/2016

I Won't Be Looking Back  by Steve A. Politte - 7/7/2016

Side By Side  by Steve A. Politte - 7/3/2016

America! Celebrate! Celebrate!  by Steve A. Politte - 6/30/2016

Always Be A Child  by Ray Boltz - 6/29/2016

The Scars of Life  by Steve A. Politte - 6/26/2016

Things You Cannot See  by Linda Laybolt - 6/24/2016

We Seek Your Face  by Kingdom Heirs - 6/24/2016

How Could I Not  by Eva Dimel - 6/22/2016

A Friend For All Seasons  by Steve A. Politte - 6/20/2016

A Little While  by Jan Stefher - 6/20/2016

These Moments I Treasure  by Steve A. Politte - 6/18/2016

Our Love Devine  by Jan Stefher - 6/18/2016

Redeeming Grace  by Ronnie Cottingham - 6/14/2016

Signed, Sealed, Delivered  by Ronnie Cottingham - 6/14/2016

~ ONE ~  By Steve A. Politte - 6/13/2016

If You Believe . . . !  by Steve A. Politte - 6/12/2016

Last Date  by Floyd Cramer - 6/9/2016

Just As Long As I Have You  by Don Williams - 6/9/2016

Tell Me His Story/Nothing I Like Better  by Ronnie Cottingham - 6/9/2016

Our Only Hope  by Ronnie Cottingham - 6/9/2016

The Interview  by Monica Pratt & David Politte - 5/24/2016

Lovers  by Jan Stefher - 5/24/2016

Down At The Cross/Blessed Be Thy Name  by Ronnie Cottingham - 5/13/2016

The Unclouded Day  by Ronnie Cottingham - 5/13/2016

I See Her Now  by Marlys Andrada - 5/7/2016

My Mother  by Eva Dimel - 5/6/2016

The Heartbeat Lullaby  by Karen Bunker - 5/5/2016

Why Me Lord  by Conway Twitty - 5/4/2016

Sweet Sweet Angel Man  by Jan Stefher - 5/4/2016

The Morning You Left  by Jan Stefher - 5/4/2016

Mother's Day in Heaven  by Steve A. Politte - 5/2/2016

Even If . . .  by Steve A. Politte - 4/30/2016

Mother's Bible  by Karen Kelley - 4/28/2016

Happy Mother's Day  by Beverly Lawyer (deceased) - 4/27/2016

Hollerin' Hallelujah  by Ronnie Cottingham - 4/27/2016

How Great Thy Love  by Jan Stefher - 4/27/2016

Mother  by Judith Johnson Kypta - 4/24/2016

Just Sharing Thoughts  by anonymous - 4/20/2016

Have You Seen My Childhood?  by unknown - 4/19/2016

What A Healing Jesus  by Ronnie Cottingham - 4/19/2016

He Never Knew A Stranger  by Eva Dimel - 4/16/2016

In Days Gone Past  by Karen Bunker & Steve A. Politte - 4/15/2016

Angels of Love  by Jan Stefher - 4/15/2016

Heavenly Words of Wisdom  by Carolyn Ford Witt - 4/14/2016

Once And For All  by Ronnie Cottingham - 4/14/2016

Ships That Don't Come In  by Steve A. Politte - 4/13/206

Needs of the Heart  by Steve A. Politte - 4/9/2016



Holy Blood  by Ronnie Cottingham - 4/9/2016

You Can't Go Home  by Tamara Hillman - 4/9/2016

Amazing Love  by Jan Stefher - 4/8/2016

Heaven Bound  by Jan Stefher - 4/8/2016

In The Middle of Nowhere  by Charley Pride - 4/8/2016

Spring Is In The Air  by Steve A. Politte - 4/7/2016

Jeremiah - Prophet of God  by Jan Stefher - 4/7/2016

Mama's Hungry Eyes  by Merel Haggard - 4/7/2016

I've Never Been Sorry  by Ronnie Cottingham - 4/6/2016

When The Storms Have Passed  by Shirley Adcock Baucom - 4/6/2016

Let It Begin With Me  by Steve A. Politte - 4/5/2016

He Is Here  by Ronnie Cottingham - 4/5/2016

Tears Are A Language God Understands  by Ronnie Cottingham - 2/17/2016

Our Eternal Love  by Steve A. Politte - 2/12/2016

Dog Lovers Say . . .   by anonymous - 2/10/2016

I Bowed on My Knees and Cried Holy  by Stephen Meara-Blount - 2/9/2016

You and I  by Ronnie Cottingham - 2/9/2016

I Surrender All  by Don Moen - 2/8/2016

Just For Today  by Steve A. Politte - 2/5/2016

Love Is . . .  by Steve A. Politte - 2/1/2016

Unto The Hills  by Ronnie Cottingham - 2/1/2016

Like a Baby  by Eva Dimel - 1/31/2016

God Walks The Dark Hills  by Stephen Meara-Blount - 1/30/2016

Achieve Your Dreams  by B.J. Morbitzer - 1/29/2016

It's Time  by Stephen Meara-Blount - 1/27/2016

Let Go of the Stone  by John Anderson - 1/25/2016

The Word of God  by A.J. Hopper - 1/23/2016

Master of the Sea  by Jan Stefher - 1/22/2016

The Voice  by Steve A. Politte - 1/21/2016

Wounded Heart  by Steve A. Politte - 1/20/2016

Paradise  as performed by B.J. Morbitzer - 1/16/2016

The Winter of Life  by Steve A. Politte - 1/8/2016

My Matriarch  by A.J. Hopper - 1/5/2016

You're Not Alone  by Ronnie Cottingham - 1/5/2016


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